Thursday, September 27, 2012

Live Continuing Education Webinars

If you're serious about earning a substantial online internet income, you will do whatever it takes to plug into the live continuing education webinars conducted by your leaders. Nothing, and I mean nothing will stop you.
Many internet marketers minimize 'old-fashioned' and 'outdated' principles forged and taught by the network marketing masters of yore. If you think you can build a lasting online internet income without staying plugged into your leaders' webinar training, think again. It is your responsibility to your team and to yourself to be there.
I have heard all of the excuses in the book for not attending webinars. Some people think they don't need them to succeed. Some people prejudge the webinar meeting, based on what they've attended in the past. Guess what? Authentic business webinars are not 'rah-rah!' Others complain or stop attending when their business is not growing fast enough. Trust me, if you truly want your goals, you'll attend every internet business meeting scheduled by your leaders, no matter what!
Too many people blame failure on the business, stop attending the webinars and go looking elsewhere for something 'better!' There is no magic business that's better. The magic is in your attitude, not in the business!
Positive attitude is shaped over time by desire and belief in your goals, books, audios and the number of free online meetings you attend! Negative attitude is shaped by your reactions to how slow your business grows, how many people are quitting and how much you talk about that. You're only sabotaging yourself if you don't stay plugged into the system and attend webinars.
Why? ...because everything duplicates! If you want a small business with no income, your people will do what you do. If you don't attend your live continuing education webinars, neither will your people. Your negative example will light a fuse in your organization.
The good news is that your positive example will also light a fuse of excitement in your team! When I learned that principle, my eyes were opened to a powerful truth that snapped me out of my self-imposed misery and failure! I was finally able to say to myself:
"Let's see...if I stop working, avoid the webinars, complain about slow growth and quitters, spend money foolishly, blame the business for my failures and talk to everyone about those things, so will my people! Oh! That explains why they're dropping out like flies and I'm making no money!"
It was because I attended enough meetings over the years that those simple truths were finally drilled into my thick skull. I also don't need to be reminded when the next webinar is scheduled. I'm there, period!
We invite everyone on our team to our free webinars. Don't get me wrong. We won't judge you if you don't attend. That's your business. However, it sends a loud message to leaders on where they should invest their time.
Go to webinar training on a regular basis and invite your team. It is a proven fact that the people who attend the live continuing education webinars keep their attitude positive and end up making more money than those who do not stay plugged into the system.
Commit To Your Dreams!

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